Monday, July 20, 2009

White Glove Furniture Delivery

White Glove Furniture Delivery

There is much more to the term white glove delivery when it comes to furniture. Most brick and mortar NJ furniture stores offer white glove delivery while many “online entities” offer free delivery but there is a catch to that free delivery. It’s usually curb-side delivery and not white glove.

Curb-side delivery is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A common carrier or a freight company will pull up to your curb with an 18 wheeler and drop off the furniture on your curb. It is the customer’s job to take the furniture into their home, assemble it, and discard the packaging. The common carrier will simply slide the furniture down from the truck and the rest is up to the customer.

White glove delivery, on the other hand, is much more than curb-side delivery. The entire delivery process is handled much differently with white glove delivery services. Usually smaller trucks are used instead of the big 18 wheelers since they are much easier to maneuver through residential areas. These smaller trucks are also usually equipped with a lift gate. With lift gates it’s much easier to handle furniture, particularly when unloading into a residential area. After the furniture is unloaded it is taken inside of the customer’s home and placed where the customer chooses. The packaging is removed. Any parts of the furniture that need assembling are assembled. Finally, all the packaging materials are taken away. White glove delivery ensures that the furniture will arrive undamaged because of the way it’s handled from start to finish.

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