Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Furniture Protection Plans

Life happens.

The MFS Plans will protect your furniture investment for years to come because they are backed with a proven track record of superior customer service. With coverage that will protect furniture from many spots, stains, damage, and other mishaps, you can enjoy freedom from worry about your furniture.

What does the MFS 5-Year Protection Plan cover?

Fabric Upholstery Premium Protection Plan:
Coverage for fabric upholstery includes all stains excluding bleach and caustic solutions, dye transfer. Coverage for damage includes punctures, rips, burns, breakage of frames, and breakage of mechanisms.

Leather and Vinyl Premium Combination Plan:
Coverage for leather and vinyl includes all stains excluding bleach and caustic solutions, dye transfer. Coverage for damage includes punctures, rips, burns, breakage of frames, and breakage of mechanisms.

Case Goods and Other Hard Surface Furniture Premium Combination Plan:
Coverage for case goods and other hard surface furniture includes all stains excluding bleach and caustic solutions. Coverage for damage includes liquid marks and rings, breakage of frames and panels, gouges, dents, scratches and chips that penetrate the finish, cigarette burns, household heat marks, checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish resulting from a specific incident, lifting of veneers, warping, glass or mirror chipping or breakage, loss of silvering on mirrors, failure of integral electrical components, and nail polish remover.

How to file a claim?

All customer claim submissions will be processed through MFS. Please have your original sales receipt and protection plan number which can be found on the cover of your chosen plan. The customer calls the MFS customer service line. 80% of the calls are answered by a “live” customer service representative in 30 seconds or less. You must call within 14 days of first noticing the problem. (Industry competitors deny any claim that is reported after 5 days of occurrence). The customer service staff will verify the plan purchase and qualify the incident.

If the problem is a simple stain, the customer service representative may offer a free self-help kit and/or self-help instructions. The kit, if appropriate, will be sent by the end of the next business day.

If the problem requires professional service, or if the self-help assistance was not sufficient, MFS will initiate a work order with a professional technician by the end of the next business day. The technician will set an appointment with the customer within 5 business days or less to provide professional in-home service. 80 % of all service orders are completed within 10 business days or less from the date the valid claim originated.

If the technician cannot successfully resolve the problem, MFS will initiate a replacement order with FOW by the end of the next business day. In the event that replacement is required of a piece of furniture that is no longer available, the customer can re-select all matching pieces, of equal or lesser value, so the customer will not be left with mismatched pieces. For example: Customer buys a matching sofa, loveseat, and chair along with the chosen protection plan, and the sofa requires a replacement, but that particular sofa has been discontinued or is no longer available during the 5-year period. Then, the customer can reselect all three matching pieces, even though only the sofa needs to be replaced, so the customer will not be left with mismatched pieces.

If the replacement is required, the customer is not responsible for shipping costs. All shipping costs are covered by the chosen MFS protection plan.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leather Guide

Leather Living Room

When buying your next set of leather sofas, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Leather is much more durable than fabric and can withstand daily use much better. There are 2 types of leather hides that are split into two layers – top grain and lower grain leather. The lower grain is sometimes known as split. The split is a flesh piece that can be split further. Split leathers are usually used on the outside pieces of furniture (the sides and back of a sofa). Better leathers like top grain leather are somewhat warmer to the touch, are softer, and are usually slightly heavier. Protected leather living rooms can be an ideal choice if you have kids or pets.

There are 3 distinct finishes that are applied to leathers:

The protected leathers feature a heavier pigment that is usually opaque and coats the grain very consistently. These leathers are extremely stain resistant, durable, and are slightly cooler to the touch.

Semi-aniline leathers leathers are a combination of pigment and aniline. The combination of aniline and pigment enhances the uniformity in color. They offer stain resistance while remaining soft to the touch.

Fully aniline leathers feature a transparent, organic color and are much more delicate. Fully aniline leathers color the hide but don’t coat it completely. They’re not as stain resistant as pigmented leathers but are much warmer to the touch.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tent Loft Beds

Castle Tent Loft Bed

The tent loft beds turn your kid’s bedroom into a sanctuary they can call their own. The area under the loft beds will set the stage for hours of inventive play and flight of the imagination. Our removable tents can be removed as your child outgrows the tent. These loft beds are constructed from birch hardwood so you can be assured these beds will last for years to come.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Serta Sertapedic Mattresses Now Offered with Foam Encasement

Foam Encasement

Serta’s 2009 select lineup up of Sertapedic mattresses are now offered with foam encasement which was previously only offered on Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses as well as Perfect Day and Vera Wang mattresses. Serta’s foam encasement is advanced, dovetail-interlocking foam that extends the sleeping surface all the way to the edge thus helping to eliminate the edge “roll-off”. The foam encasement from Serta mattresses also increases seating edge support and works in conjunction with the foundation (box spring) reducing side-to-side mattress movement and minimizes the impact of one sleeper’s movements on another. Serta’s foam encasement provides years of durable edge support.

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