Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leather Guide

Leather Living Room

When buying your next set of leather sofas, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Leather is much more durable than fabric and can withstand daily use much better. There are 2 types of leather hides that are split into two layers – top grain and lower grain leather. The lower grain is sometimes known as split. The split is a flesh piece that can be split further. Split leathers are usually used on the outside pieces of furniture (the sides and back of a sofa). Better leathers like top grain leather are somewhat warmer to the touch, are softer, and are usually slightly heavier. Protected leather living rooms can be an ideal choice if you have kids or pets.

There are 3 distinct finishes that are applied to leathers:

The protected leathers feature a heavier pigment that is usually opaque and coats the grain very consistently. These leathers are extremely stain resistant, durable, and are slightly cooler to the touch.

Semi-aniline leathers leathers are a combination of pigment and aniline. The combination of aniline and pigment enhances the uniformity in color. They offer stain resistance while remaining soft to the touch.

Fully aniline leathers feature a transparent, organic color and are much more delicate. Fully aniline leathers color the hide but don’t coat it completely. They’re not as stain resistant as pigmented leathers but are much warmer to the touch.

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