Sunday, July 19, 2009

Void of Contemporary Furniture Stores in New Jersey

Void of Contemporary Furniture Stores in New Jersey

Contemporary furniture creates an overall sense of depth and warmth while invoking elegant simplicity but there seems to be a void of contemporary furniture stores in New Jersey, especially in Northern New Jersey. In the last few years amid the slumping economy and the housing market crisis, many contemporary furniture stores in New Jersey have gone out of business and are being replaced by huge chain stores that cater to the more mainstream customer. As a result, it creates a void for contemporary furniture in New Jersey.

Walk into any big chain furniture stores in New Jersey and ask them if the living room as shown on the floor is available in any other fabric, leather or a sleeker contemporary design. They will tell you no because otherwise they can't offer that promised three day delivery or less and they don't cater to the contemporary customer. The availability of different sizes, colors, materials, shapes, and specialized designs are all part of the customization that contemporary furniture brings along.

With all these options for the consumer who wants to dress their home to impress, you'd think that more furniture stores in New Jersey would fill this void? You would think that it would send a clear signal to home furnishings retailers in that it would be an intelligent merchandising strategy to showcase this type of furniture, but no. This void in contemporary New Jersey furniture stores needs to be fixed. They need to reassess their product lineups to ensure they have an extensive selection that will give consumers a choice that exactly suits their preference instead of having the same, mainstream look with a promise of a three day delivery.

If you'd like to see some contemporary furniture stores in New Jersey that can help customers hone in on a design direction and the materials used to achieve that look, FOW Fine Furniture is your ideal choice and it's one of the stores that can fix this void.

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