Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not Your Typical Recliner

Like everything else in the contemporary furniture realm, the term ‘contemporary recliner’ seems to have a pretty subjective meaning. Ask ten different people what a real contemporary recliner is and you’d most likely get ten different explanations. Still, it’s difficult to disagree that the contemporary recliners featured in this post are anything but. Introducing a recliner with ottoman that doesn’t look like your typical run-of-the-mill recliner!

Contemporary Recliner

Although they share some of the same design elements as the Scandinavian recliners, yet we’ve still managed to make these significantly affordable. Each of these contemporary recliners shares a common trait or two. These recliners have been growing from a steady diet of creature comforts. Each features a reclining lever that is small and discretely placed for a tidy and organized design. Each can swivel 360 degrees so no straining and stretching is needed. The ergonomic ottoman is the perfect companion to the recliner and is perfectly angled for vital leg support. The back and the seat of the recliner are precisely padded and countered to support your body. Finally, these contemporary recliners are available in hundreds of fabrics and leathers.


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