Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Palliser Home Theater Seating

Palliser Home Theater Seating

Palliser Home Theater Seating

The home theater seating provides a haven for video enthusiasts to rest and relax while watching their favorite movie or TV show. The Palliser home theater seating offers a fresh take on the theater seating concept and is specially designed for the trendy urban consumer with the combination of a contemporary look with a dramatic flair. For those seeking a bit more of a traditional look the Trylogy collection of customized home theater seating from Palliser pairs an intricate traditional nail-head pattern with the functionality of all the features as the rest of the Palliser theater seating collections. The Palliser theater seating is a wonderful combination of comfort, function, and style and dares to be different in its scale, shape, comfort, and fabric or leather options.

Modular Seating Options

Modular Seating

The various Palliser theater seating pieces enable consumers to create their ideal seating arrangement: 3 seat sectional, single recliner, loveseat, etc. The modular theater seating from Palliser is available in straight or curved configurations. The consumer can even create a few rows of theater seating for that perfect stadium seating.

Manual Recline or Power Recline

Power Recline

All of us are not right handed nor are we all left handed. One of the cool features of Palliser theater seating is the ability to choose the recliner handle on either the left side of the right side. The power recline option gives the consumer the ability to recline in infinite positions.

Fabric and Leather Options

Fabrics and Leathers

All the theater seating from Palliser can be covered in a broad selection of over 100 vibrant fabrics and leathers in a range of textures and colors that add visual interest to the theater seating area in your home. The fabric choices offer an updated interpretation of the classic, contemporary textural looks to create surface dimension. The leathers are available in finishes from protective pigments to fully aniline. The leathers that receive the pigment finish are most durable as well as stain resistant which is ideal if the consumer has kids or pets. The fully aniline leathers offer that soft, supple touch. The natural beauty and sophistication of the aniline leather is enhanced by subtle color shading.

Wireless Bass Shakers

Wireless Bass Shaker System

The optional wireless bass shakers from Palliser enable consumers to turn every movie into the ultimate in home theater viewing experience. The bass shaker is mounted within the seat back and has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The 50 watt (4 ohms) amplifier is built into seat of the recliner and the RF (radio frequency 2.4 GHZ) transmitter plugs into home theater amplifier that will supply signal to all bass shaker units within a 200 foot radius.

Leg Finishes

Leg Finishes

Just about every piece of furniture needs a finish but not single finish is the correct choice for all situations. That’s why the leg finishes from Palliser theater seating are offered in stainless steel and various wood finishes that allow the grain of the wood to show through. The leg finish is what gives the home theater seating its “personality”.

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